Bank on Montgomery County

is a county-wide collaborative of financial institutions, non-profit organizations, local & state regulatory agencies working to connect people with low-cost bank accounts & other asset-building financial products.

Step One: Open a Checking Account.

Financial security for you and your family begins with a bank account.

NOT having a checking account is costing you money.

Did you know that simply by using a low-cost checking account, the full-time worker may save more than $40,000 over the average working career?

To open your checking account and start saving towards your financial goals, complete the questionnaire and send to the Bank On Navigator.  You will be contacted and Bank On staff will connect you with the financial partner or financial counselor who will help you choose the products and services designed for your needs.

Financial Education

Our Bank On partners offer a wide-range of personalized financial education classes and individual counseling to residents across the county.

How do I improve my credit history?

How do I reduce my debt burden?

How do I save for retirement?

BANK ON partners will answer those questions through financial counseling and help you…

  • Plan a household budget
  • Integrate simple strategies to maximize savings
  • Use  banking products wisely as you work towards your financial goals

Have you thought of purchasing a home and wondered if you are ready for homeownership?

There are Down Payment Assistance Workshops and Homebuyer classes that will help answer some of your questions….

  • Do I qualify for down payment assistance? 
  • How much house can I afford?
  • What are the steps in the home buying process?

Please indicate your interest in financial education by your questionnaire and you will be connected with the appropriate counseling support.

Bank On Locator

Financial Partners

Chase Bank – Platinum Community Investor

Woodforest National  Bank – Gold Community Investor

BB&T – Silver Community Investor

Regions Bank – Bronze Community Investor

Nonprofit Partners


Free tax preparation services is available for those families with less than $54,000 income.  Trained IRS-trained volunteers will help those eligible families take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) which puts dollars back in your pocket.

Contact BANK ON staff for the VITA site location near you.

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